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A  program for beginning or advanced students:

For those musicians who are not guitarists OR for those who are, and would like to go beyond playing their favorite tunes on guitar, I offer a complete course in music theory and improvisation (at no extra fee for guitar students)!

I have always believed that a knowledge of music theory is extremely important in the training of any serious musician.

I developed my program originally as an independent study, soon augmented by private teachers, and furthered by earning both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Music Theory and Composition at the Peabody Conservatory at the Johns Hopkins University.

I was a faculty member of the Peabody Preparatory School in Baltimore for ten years,  where I served as

-Co-Chairman of the Music Theory Department

-Creator-Director of Jazz Studies

-Director of the Arts Expansion Program

A study of scales, intervals, and triads evolves into an advanced system of four-part writing.  This is augmented with an analysis of Bach chorales, and works of the classical and romantic eras-and beyond.

Selected sight-singing texts along with a comprehensive course in ear training and rhythm training are important components of my program.

Some Former and Present Students

Although many of my students have implemented their guitar and music skills to enrich their lives, adding to successful careers in non-musical pursuits, many others have gone on to have careers in professional music, including :

Ava Estisa vocalist and former theory student of mine, has been for twenty-three years a professional with the San Diego Opera Company.

Marc Mellits,  award-winning, recording composer / doctorate from Eastman / mentioned in New York Times / teaches composition at the University of Illinois-Chicago. 

Marvin Hammett -aka "Slam G"-former drummer/music director with Brittney Spears, Nick Carter; Boston, MA.

Jacqueline "Fuschia" Walker: vocalist, actress, understudy to the lead, Broadway production of Dreamgirls; Los Angeles, CA

Kevin Powe: recording and performing Jazz guitarist, presently with “Phaze 2;” Washington, DC.

Kevin Askins: songwriter (Teddy Prendergrast) /freelance jazz bassist ; Boston, MA.

Alex Layne Performing Artist, Music Instructor; Baltimore, MD

Charles Roe:Performing artist, specializing in guitar, fiddle, and mandolin.  Professional musician and music instructor;Baltimore, MD.

Reggie Love: recording and performing jazz trumpeter, producer; Los Angeles, CA. and Baltimore, MD.

Patrick Kisicki: guitarist, Towson University graduate, songwriter, recording and performing guitarist, music educator; Baltimore, MD.

Caleb Stein: named “Baltimore’s Best Folksinger”

Chris  Sellman: recording and performing bassist (Crawdaddies, Disappear Fear, others); touring.

Reggie Wayne Morris: - recording. performing blues guitarist/ singer, songwriter; East Coast.

Kevin Robinson: performing guitarist / singer / producer; Baltiimore, MD.

John Bimbirasmusic degree from Towson University/ performing and recording guitarist with "Everyman," Baltimore, MD., currently studying composition in New York with Pulitzer Prize-winner David Del Tredici

Ben Pollak:Freelance recording and performing guitarist with “Whale Show," Baltimore, MD

John Powell: singer-songwriter; Roanoake, Virginia.

Goeff Cabin:Music Writer, Lawyer, Baltimore, MD

Ed Plant:Performing and Recording Bassist, Baltimore, Maryland