A  program for beginning or advanced students:

For those musicians who are not guitarists OR for those who are, and would like to go beyond playing their favorite tunes on guitar, I offer a complete course in music theory and improvisation (at no extra fee for guitar students)!

I have always believed that a knowledge of music theory is extremely important in the training of any serious musician.

I developed my program originally as an independent study, soon augmented by private teachers, and furthered by earning both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Music Theory and Composition at the Peabody Conservatory at the Johns Hopkins University.

I was a faculty member of the Peabody Preparatory School in Baltimore for ten years,  where I served as

-Co-Chairman of the Music Theory Department

-Creator-Director of Jazz Studies

-Director of the Arts Expansion Program

A study of scales, intervals, and triads evolves into an advanced system of four-part writing.  This is augmented with an analysis of Bach chorales, and works of the classical and romantic eras-and beyond.

Selected sight-singing texts along with a comprehensive course in ear training and rhythm training are important components of my program.


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Guitar Lessons Baltimore

For more information about lessons please call or email

.                  I look forward to hearing from you!

                     410-446-5109     Lh.hoff@comcast.net

Some Former and Present Students

Although many of my students have implemented their guitar and music skills to enrich their lives, adding to successful careers in non-musical pursuits, many others have gone on to have careers in professional music, including :

Marc Mellits , who reached out to me just recently :

So nice to call you Larry instead of Mr. Hoffman, lol. You made such an amazing positive impact on me as a youth, I could never explain it I think. I have such fond memories of learning so much from you, it is amazing what I actually remember: ....like a conversation about counterpoint outside your classroom door.

You prepared me so strongly for Eastman that I passed out not only of the first year theory, but was also placed in the advanced accelerated theory sequence my freshman year, which meant I could then take such fun and interesting theory and comp related classes because I was done with the theory sequence so early. That was entirely thanks to you!

You made such a dry subject fun and interesting, your teaching style was spot on, and I soaked it all in. And working with you with jazz in the summer was really fun and just as incredible!
You really played a pivotal role in my education, I can't thank you enough! I have been so lucky and fortunate in my career, it is amazing how many performances I get. By all estimates, it is about 800 per year now, and that is after the drop during covid. It's crazy, and a bit surreal, but I love it.

Marc Mellits
Associate Professor of Music
University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Theatre & Music

Ava Estisa vocalist and former theory student of mine, has been for twenty-three years a professional with the San Diego Opera Company

Marc Mellits,  award-winning, recording composer / doctorate from Eastman / mentioned in New York Times / teaches composition at the University of Illinois-Chicago. 

Marvin Hammett -aka "Slam G"-former drummer/music director with Brittney Spears, Nick Carter; Boston, MA.

Jacqueline "Fuschia" Walker: vocalist, actress, understudy to the lead, Broadway production of Dreamgirls; Los Angeles, CA

Kevin Powe: recording and performing Jazz guitarist, presently with “Phaze 2;” Washington, DC.

Kevin Askins: songwriter (Teddy Prendergrast) /freelance jazz bassist ; Boston, MA.

Alex Layne Performing Artist, Music Instructor; Baltimore, MD

Charles Roe:Performing artist, specializing in guitar, fiddle, and mandolin.  Professional musician and music instructor;Baltimore, MD.

Reggie Love: recording and performing jazz trumpeter, producer; Los Angeles, CA. and Baltimore, MD.

Patrick Kisicki: guitarist, Towson University graduate, songwriter, recording and performing guitarist, music educator; Baltimore, MD.

Caleb Stein: named “Baltimore’s Best Folksinger”

Chris  Sellman: recording and performing bassist (Crawdaddies, Disappear Fear, others); touring.

Reggie Wayne Morris: - recording. performing blues guitarist/ singer, songwriter; East Coast.

Kevin Robinson: performing guitarist / singer / producer; Baltiimore, MD.

John Bimbirasmusic degree from Towson University/ performing and recording guitarist with "Everyman," Baltimore, MD., currently studying composition in New York with Pulitzer Prize-winner David Del Tredici

Ben Pollak:Freelance recording and performing guitarist with “Whale Show," Baltimore, MD

John Powell: singer-songwriter; Roanoake, Virginia.

Goeff Cabin:Music Writer, Lawyer, Baltimore, MD

Ed Plant:Performing and Recording Bassist, Baltimore, Maryland